The Fairy Tale Forest

From The Fairy Tale Forest
Copyright © 2006 by Karen Elizabeth Guerin

forests came to represent the edge of civilization and the unconscious part of the human mind, a place of entry into another world.

the Arthurian fairy-tale hero Perceval grows up in a forest, with the forest symbolizing the child’s consciousness, because of its plant and animal life and its restricted horizon (39)

from a Jungian perspective, the forest is essentially a battleground between the real and the unreal world, the higher consciousness of the mature adult, and the lower world of childhood fantasy (Heuscher 303-302).

The wood is a common symbol for the human being’s loss or abandonment of previous values and securities

Arthur Rackham
Arthur Rackham

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2 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Forest”

  1. I’m intrigued by the “restricted horizon”. In stark contrast to
    the endless horizon of the ocean images…


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